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An inventory is especially important for insurance purposes. When you make an insurance claim for damaged, lost, or stolen property, your insurance policy will require you to show the quantity, description, and possibly the amount of loss associated with each item. You may also be asked to provide copies of bills, receipts, or other documentation to support your figures. If you omit some items or fail to include an adequate description of others, you may receive less than full compensation for your losses. Relying solely on your memory can be an expensive mistake.

Sounds complicated and too much hassle

When you create an account, there is a add new home wizard. This is a simple seelction of rooms which will then be populated with basic common room items (For example in a Bedroom we add a Bed, and the Lounge has a Sofa and TV). Of course these are only starter items, but they help get your grey matter in to gear and speed up the inventory process. IF disaster stikes you may have more on your mind than your home contents (Although we really hope not!), so having them instantly available has to be a huge advantage.

Safety in mind Beta! is still in beta, and during this phase we will be extending manually your contents list expirey dates based on usage and feedback.

Don't buy a program to put on your PC and make a list, because what do you do when your house is burnt down? Or the PC stolen! Put it where you can get to it, use

Contents insurance Fire, Flood and Theft
Fire Flood Burglary

Are just some of the reasons we have home contents insurance. But are you covered for enough to replace ALL your contents? What happens if your contents cover is too low? What happens if it's too high?

Contents insurance includes most things that you would usually take with you if you move home, such as furniture, furnishings and personal belongings. You should insure your contents for what it would cost to replace them with new items, not their second hand value.

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  • Secure : No personal details recorded, and all your data is encrypted in storage
  • Protect : Your assets and valuables by having easy to reach documentation
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